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Cyber Protection
of mobility

AI assisted cybersecurity


Architecting and securing the infrastructures of tomorrow

Contribute to the cybersecurity of new mobilities

Deployment of artificial intelligence in the field of IT Cyber Resilience

Online cybersecurity training from engineers to engineers



Cyber Consulting Specialist. Ensure the non-compromise of software source code and libraries by AI

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Cyber Up-skilling Solution. Prepare technical teams to the worst by providing them practical true-to-life online training

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Cyber Threat Management by AI. Implement AI in the field of CyberSecurity to improve resilience and awareness



Proph3cy creates products and concepts that build the future of cybersecurity

Technical Innovations

Reinforcement Learning. Develop cyber threat detection algorithms, using our artificial intelligence algorithm based on reinforcement learning

Source-code protection. Ensure the non-compromise of software source code and libraries by AI

Cyber community. Improve global cybersecurity by contributing to open source projects

Trend topics

AI Algorithms. Reinforcement learning and genetic algorithm applied to cybersecurity

SDN & SD-WAN. Optimize data transmissions to enable trusted digital exchanges

Assisted threat detection. Analyze IOCs to help SOC analysts make the right decisions or even make decisions for them in the simplest cases